Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! For whatever reason, safari does not save the settings. To fix this, use a different browser like chrome.
There are many reasons the scanners could be down and chances are we are working on them. Check the entrance to the site for any emergency notifications.
Sorry, that's not available at this time. We may add this in the future but for now the scanning is automated and the area scanned is static.
Timers on a spawn is calcuated and sometimes the timers on spawn is incorrect. If you encounter this, note what time it is, gps coords, how much time is left on the pokemon (according to the map) and map that you are using and send it too [email protected]
Absolutly! Join our discord site here: Discord
Our discord site has feeds of all the pokemon that you want and is categorized by, rare pokemon, unown, raids, and chat: Join Discord
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